TORCHSTAR 4" Stepped Baffle Trim - White with Silver Reflector

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Kit Options: Value Pack (6 units)

The TORCHSTAR 4 Inch Trim, featuring an aluminum construction and white trim, delivers enhanced, focused lighting compatible with multiple bulb types and designed for 4-inch recessed cans, specifically for Halo/Juno housing.

  • Aluminum forms the trim.
  • Trim color stands as white.
  • An aluminum reflector is included.
  • Compatibility spans various bulb types.
  • It fits 4-inch fixtures.
  • Halo/Juno housing is the focus.

Product Details


Additional Documents

Outside Diameter

7.67 inch

Inside Diameter

6 inch

Finish Type

‎Oil Rubbed


XGEN™ Anodizing Alloy

Product Details


Metal Ring

The 21mm-width integrated metal ring covers installation traces and fills gaps, ensuring a seamless and polished appearance.

Step Baffle

The step baffle design softens light and prevents glare, while the attached sponge gasket provides thermal insulation and safety.

6 Inch Integrated

This durable and stylish trim, with an oil rubbed bronze finish, is perfect for enhancing the look of your rosewood ceiling.

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