ZF3 Commercial Fixture Emergency Power Supply - 60V 24Wh

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The LeonLite Commercial LED Drive & Emergency Power Supply ensures 90 minutes of emergency lighting for LED fixtures after a 24-hour charge, ideal for public buildings.

  • Accepts 120-277VAC input.
  • Offers 3-60VDC output.
  • Draws 8.5W power.
  • Supports 8W-72W luminaires.
  • Operates between 32℉-122℉.
  • Comes in white, metal.

Product Details


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2 years

Input Voltage

LeonLite® Commercial (120-277V AC)



Output Voltage

3-60V DC

Product Details


Perfect Emergency Solution

This emergency driver is designed to be used with LED fixtures that have external drivers. It can be used on most fixtures that operate on DC 3-60V, making it versatile and compatible with a wide range of LED luminaires.

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